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Blonde is a very delightful blend that combines the finest beans to create a truly exceptional coffee experience. With its light and vibrant taste, this blonde roast is perfect for those who prefer a milder yet flavorful cup of coffee. it's crafted with care, this small-batch roasted coffee is made from specialty-grade beans sourced from Central America and Africa. With Blend, you can enjoy a sweet espresso that will awaken your senses and brighten your day.


Small batch roasted: Each batch of Blend is carefully roasted in limited quantities to ensure optimal flavor and freshness.

Specialty grade: Only the finest coffee beans, selected for their exceptional quality and taste, are used in creating Blend.

Roast to Order: Your Blend coffee is roasted upon receiving your order, guaranteeing the freshest cup of coffee possible.

Perfect for espresso: The unique combination of coffees from Central America and Africa creates a blend that is ideal for crafting a sweet and satisfying espresso.

Ingredients: Coffee - Pure and simple, Blend contains only the highest quality coffee beans.

Experience the joy of a perfect cup of coffee with Blend. Start your day right and savor every sip of this exceptional blend that will leave you craving for more.

Light Roast


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