Our story

There are few things in life that can match up to the comfort of a warm, loving dog and the rejuvenating aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. Imagine a world where these two elements of joy unite, and you have Naughty Dog Coffee Co. We are not just a coffee business, but a community that thrives on the shared love for dogs and coffee.

Here at Naughty Dog Coffee Co., our passion for dogs and coffee is unrivaled. It all started with a dream to combine our two favorite things in the world and use it to bring about some good. We believe that good coffee and happy dogs make the world a better place, and we are committed to making it happen.

Our journey began from a small coffee business that quickly became a favorite amongst the local community. The aroma of our carefully selected beans brewing combined with the sight of our beloved canine friends lazing around created a unique atmosphere that was both relaxing and joyful. This experience was not just about enjoying a great cup of coffee, but also about being part of a community that values the joy and love that dogs bring into our lives.

But we didn't stop at just creating a great coffee experience. We wanted to give back to the community in a real, meaningful way. That's why we decided to donate a portion of all our sales to animal rescue. We are proud to say that with every cup of coffee you purchase from us, you are helping a furry friend in need. It's our way of saying thank you to the community that has given us so much love and support over the years.

At the end of the day, Naughty Dog Coffee is more than just a coffee business. It's a way where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, relax with your furry friend, and know that you are making a difference in the lives of animals in need. We are proud of the community we have built, and we invite you to join us in our mission to make the world a better place, one cup of coffee and one dog at a time. 
So next time you're in need of a caffeine fix, remember that a delicious cup of coffee from Naughty Dog Coffee not only satisfies your taste buds, but also helps a dog in need. That's something you can feel good about every morning. Because at Naughty Dog Coffee Co., we believe that the love for dogs and coffee should not just be enjoyed but also shared with the world. Join us in our mission to spread love and joy, one cup of coffee at a time.

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